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Bar & Catering Rotas 2022


We have many new members joining our bar team this year, so this is just a reminder to everyone that if you cannot work your allocated shift, it is your responsibility to get it covered by another member of the bar team. The rota sheets will be just outside the bar door, please update them if you have swapped shifts with someone so that we have an up to date rota at all times. If you do need to change your duty, can you try to ask someone from the same list as yourself as this will keep the relevant level of experience for each shift. This is not so important as the season moves on and everyone has gained some experience. The list of names and contact details can be found behind the bar.


Dear Members

Please remember that part of your terms of membership of Whitstable Bowling Club includes carrying out either green, bar or catering duties throughout the season. Most members have been given four or five catering duties, although a few have a number more. A check list for teams is displayed in the kitchen to guide you through your shift. All duty allocations are recorded in the catering diary kept beside the small freezer at the kitchen entrance. If for any reason you cannot do your duty on the day indicated, it is your responsibility to swap with somebody, and clearly note the change in the catering diary. Please inform the captain of the day and Rex if one of your team does not complete their duty. Wishing you all a good season.

Rex Beard