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Club Notices/Maintenance

Would all members please note that the Club defibrillator is now sited externally. It is sited on the wall of the Clubhouse adjacent to the car park in a waterproof enclosure and clearly signed.

In the event of any emergency, please first dial 999, then access the unit via the padlock (standard gate/door code), open the door of the enclosure and remove the unit. Open the lid and follow the verbal instructions and information. It is a relatively easy process, do exactly what the unit instructs. You cannot shock a person accidentally, the pads you attach will automatically determine if treatment is necessary.


Would members please also note that a First Aid box is now available in both the Ladies and Gents changing rooms.



A BIG THANK YOU ...... To all those that have continued to help at the club during lockdown. When the lockdown was announced the main gates were not just closed and everything forgotten. Many people have still been down helping with all the various jobs that need doing while ensuring social distancing was observed. From identifying out of date beer stock (I think Michael is still in shock at having to throw away approx 200 pints of draught beer!), performing daily security checks, collection of the post,
gardening, the continuation of all the odd jobs on Monday mornings and, of course, the upkeep of the green. Indeed a special mention should go to Peter Boeg and Tony Petts for ensuring that our green is looking better than ever, and ready to go now that we have the go ahead, and also to Norman Toby who has continued to co-ordinate everyone in maintaining the facilities. Norman’s recent pleas for extra help has received a good response so thank you to those people who have come forward.

Don Minnett (Secretary)


A few comments with my “formal Trustee” hat on. Comments which I hope will not upset too many people.

A team of very dedicated stalwarts has worked, during this very difficult period of corona virus pandemic to prepare the Club to enable you to start to bowl again. The green is in a fantastic condition, the garden surrounds have been re- vitalised, the Club changing rooms have been repainted and given some T.L.C.

Your Club’s exceptional Management Committee has worked tirelessly throughout these unprecedented times and has recently produced a detailed document to enable you all to start bowling again soon. It provides bowling in a safe way with social distancing requirements, sanitising facilities etc. The details within the document must be adhered to.

Your game of bowls will not be the same as before. Perhaps some hiccups will occur, but until we are all through this dreadful time things cannot, at present, be “normal”. However, despite an enormous amount of work, effort and preparation there will be a few who immediately complain. If you do have any problem, please contact the Club and use your skill, expertise and experience to resolve the particular issue. Please don’t complain and leave things for others to resolve!

These stalwarts have ensured, in these most difficult of circumstances, the continuation and even the SURVIVAL of your Bowling Club.

All they need is a big “thank you”, nothing else.
Norman Toby (Trustee).


November 2020 Green Update - Tony Petts

All the edges on every side of the green have been raised with either new or existing turf. No more bowls running to the ditch.
Green reseeded, top dressed and due a cut on Monday.