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Potters 2022

By Brian Reynolds - Match Secretary Whitstable Bowling Club

Wednesday, 7 April 2021


Whitstable Bowling Club Contributor


Article by Barbara McGillicuddy.

We have managed to make a booking to (hopefully) go to Potters next year.

The date they have given us is Monday 7th March to Friday 11th March 2022. I am currently waiting prices for the accommodation as this will be going up from previous years as Potters have now gone “all inclusive”. This was decided as not only is it beneficial to their customers (there will always be some who say they do not drink enough, etc.) but it also stops the constant exchange of money between customers and staff. It is a new venture for Potters to take on, so by the time we are able to pay them a visit next year, everyone will be old hands at what to do.

If you are interested, please let me know, but I will be putting a sheet on the notice board in the Club but appreciate that not everyone will see this. It will also go onto the Oyster Indoor Bowling notice board.

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