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Finals 2019 Results

 2019 Finals Weekend Results

Congratulations to all participants. A great weekend. The games were really competitive with a good audience of Club members and family who had turned out to watch the games. Special thanks to all our organisers.


Congratulations to the Mens and Ladies Champions 2019

Garth Coates and Maggie Porter


2019 Championship Finals Winners Maggie Porter & Garth Coates 2019 Championship Finals Winners Maggie Porter & Garth Coates

Ladies Results

Competition Winners V Runners Up

Ladies Yardstick

Barbara McGillicuddy (29)


Pat Pout (18)

Ladies Winnie Weedon

Barbara McGillicuddy (18)


Patricia Vaz (8)

Ladies Pairs

Tracy Hamilton &

Sylvia Hender (27)


Maggie Porter &

Chris Murphy (8)

Ladies Handicap

Tracy Hamilton (21)


Rosemary Field (17)

Ladies Bradfield

Chris Murphy (22)


Alison Gardiner (10)

Ladies 2 Woods

Tracy Hamilton (15)


Barbara McGillicuddy (8)

Ladies 10 Points

Rosemary Field (77)


Barbara McGillicuddy (63)

Ladies Championship

Maggie Porter (21)


Tracy Hamilton (19)

Mens Results

Competition Winners V Runners Up

Mens 2 Woods

Tony Petts (16)


Gareth Porter (6)

Mens Pairs

P.J. O'Reilly &

Bob Davey (19)


Tony Petts &

Rex Beard (14)

Mens Valler

Chris Twyman (21)


Trevor Hall (15)

Mens Handicap

Phil Gardiner (21)


Tony Petts (16)

Mens Yardstick

Don Minnet (26)


Peter Boeg (13)

Mens 10 Points

Martin Hakes (78)


Trevor Epps (69)

Mens Bradfield

Nelson Hamilton (21)


Gareth Porter (10)

Mens Championship

Garth Coates (21)


Bob Davey (19)

Mixed Triples

Mixed Triples Winners V Runners Up

Mixed Triples

Don Minnett, Chris Murphy &

Norman Crawford (19)


Tony Petts, Margaret Morris &

Phil Gardiner (18)